Baker Story.......

Naomi Solomon- A Self Taught baker .  Busy mother of three wonderful girls by day and your cake designer by night. 

HOW IT ALL STARTED...........Not like most pastry chefs and cake designer, it all started out with a hobby baking bread and slowly ventured into cake design. Studying recipes, taking online courses and of course experimenting in my own kitchen, when I decided to take it to the next step several years ago, when I  joined the 'Kosher Culinary Center" for an intensive course "All about Fondant" with Pastry Chef, Michelle Doll . 

I have always had a strong admiration  for the arts. As a young girl, I had wanted to become an Actor and quickly learned that it wasn't my destiny. 

What only started out as a hobby,  decorating only few cakes and pastries  for friends and family, quickly ventured into a passion and soon become my new founded artistic dream. 

After tasting several of my cakes and pastries, Family and friends are truly convinced that my unique craft, sense of style and unique visionary for cake design, doesn't just looks good but taste good.